Finally find the clarity and calm you've been seeking


 Feel better, get back in control of your life, gain momentum and feel joy.

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Go beyond fear. Live and ride with confidence.


You’ve worked hard to develop your skills. You’ve spent time and energy.

Do you want to feel confident and secure in the tack?

Do you want to feel strong in your body?

Do you want to be able to wake up with energy and excitement for your day?

Stop struggling to find answers and get yourself unstuck.



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I’m on a mission to unleash the brilliance in every rider.


Do you ever wonder how to become aware of how your nerves, anger or distractedness are affecting your horse?

And once you're aware of it how do you fix it?

Well, the fix isn't with your riding, it comes from inside of you.

Do you feel like something is wrong with you?

And that you just don't have what it takes to achieve your riding dreams?

Do you feel frustrated, because you make progress and then get close to your goal, only to come up short over and over again?

Do you get stressed feeling like you're constantly under pressure and running out of time?

Tired of feeling weak physically, emotionally, mentally?

Are you overwhelmed with anxiety that's taking over your life?

Are you battling with depression, and exhausted of hiding behind a mask, because you think there's no hope?

I know what all of this is feels like, and I wanted to feel better,

I wanted to feel connected,

I wanted feel calm,

And I wanted to actually find a real solution. Not just a temporary fix.

I wanted to be free from my fears, and feel motivated and happy, TRULY happy again.

Ladies, if anything you read hit home, then please

Do not wait a minute longer. 

Do not suffer for years trying to figure this out.

Your life should fill you up. 

You are here to do great things,

So get back to who you are, and live.

Finally find the clarity and calm you've been seeking


Stop struggling to find answers, and get yourself unstuck.
Feel better, gain control of your weight, gain momentum and feel joy.


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“I hardly have the proper words to thank you sufficiently for what you have managed to do for me over the last three months. I was really floundering and weighed down and drowning when you extended your hand across the miles to help me find my way back to me. God bless you.

 I am looking forward to continuing to work with you to help me find my path to happiness and lightness of spirit. I'm grateful to all the collective energy that came my way to help.

Again, from the bottom of my heart.”

- C Bernstein


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