Feel better through Alignment

Apr 05, 2021
How to feel better through alignment...
Have you ever just felt frazzled and so stressed that you feel like you’re just a million little bits of scattered energy?
Well, you’re pretty much right about that.
You are scattered energy.
Alignment is exactly the same concept for you as it is for your horses.
For you to feel your best, to have your full access to all of your power, creativity, inspiration and motivation,
You need to be aligned.
It’s like when you’re riding and you have your horse slightly haunches in, or losing the outside shoulder.
There’s a reason it’s always inside leg to outside rein, you have to capture that energy, and realign it. Get your horse straight.
Get them straight, and then BOOM...it’s like the turbo kicks in.
You’re the same. Get yourself aligned and feel your energy kick in.
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