Identify your Kryptonite

Apr 12, 2021
Learn how to identify your “kryptonite” and turn it into your strength.
When I was little I wasn’t exactly the bravest kid. The first sleepover I went to I called my mom and said I wanted to come home.I was pretty freaked out to climb onto the playground, because I was scared of heights.I was pretty cautious about everything I did.
Later I moved across the world to New Zealand by myself in my mid twenties with a ski bag and a backpack knowing no one, and having only spoken to my new boss on the phone. Later I learned to rock climb and jump off of 30 ft cliffs on my skis. Later I jumped my 15.3h mare over a 4’6” log fence out of her own paddock when all of the adults left.
What did I do that made such a big difference?
I had so many fears that I realized at a very young age that if I never faced them, they only got bigger. I remember the first day I realized that what scared me was exactly what I needed to do.
I climbed onto the playground by myself, and made myself climb to the top log over the tire swing and crawl across it. And then I did it again. And again, and again. Until I could walk across it.
Was I scared? Hell yes. Every single time, but each time I made it back to the ground I knew I was stronger for it.
What I realized early on was the thing that’s the hardest for me isn’t what I should avoid, but what I need to figure out. It’s this one realization that helped me achieve everything that I have achieved and will continue to achieve.
>>Because I know that my mind is the only thing limiting me.<<

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