Trail riding or showing, horses are animals and mindset is everything...

Mar 22, 2021
 Trail riding or showing, horses are animals and mindset is everything...
So you ride, that makes you a rider. And most likely you identify as a type of rider. A showjumper, a hunter rider, a reiner, a western pleasure, a dressage rider, a trail rider, endurance….the list goes on and on.
But whether you realize it or not, what you have unwittingly done is trap yourself.
You have forgotten the most critical part of your identity, and that is a human being with a horse partner.
That is all that you are.
When you over identify with “what” you are you can very quickly get off track and forget
“Who” you are and why you even started riding.
Before long, you’re trying so hard to keep up with your identity, that you’re not actually doing much communicating, and a lot more demanding.
It takes every ounce of my being to not tell someone that is treating their horse like a machine, or a tool, or a “beast” that they are not only asking for trouble, that they are being completely inhumane.
Let me be clear. I ride my horses. I train my horses. I ask them to do what I want them to do.
When someone else says it, it should become a bit more clear. How selfish and self serving is that? Very.
So to not have an ounce of compassion, or respect for the fact that your horse could kill you in an instant if it wanted to, is mind boggling to me.
Once your eyes have been opened to this, you cannot unsee it.
Horses are kind, compassionate creatures, and they are here not to serve us, but to teach us.
But it’s your responsibility to hear what they are trying to teach you.
Once you get that, you’ll be amazed at what you start to achieve with your riding. 🐴
Mindset isn’t just a thing you do to be successful. It’s what you do to be human. #coolvibescoolmind #mentalnotemonday
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