Weight is just a number

Mar 09, 2021
If you are female and you’re involved in the equestrian world, you’ve probably thought about your weight. Scratch that, if you’re FEMALE period, you’ve probably thought about your weight.
How many of you have tried diets, paid for expensive food plans, fancy shakes, followed keto, paleo, vegan, low carb, you name it diet, only to have it work (if you were lucky) only to have all of the weight you lost come back and then some?
Do you feel like you’re never going to get a handle on your weight? Chances are you won’t, if you don’t change your approach.
It isn’t about finding the perfect calorie deficit to lose weight, you have to get HEALTHY to lose weight.
Now here’s what I mean by this. The vast majority of women want to lose weight to see the number on the scale go down. But if I asked them if they’d be ok if the number on the scale went up, BUT they were permanently stronger, had better energy, and were more toned, some of them would say no.
What if I said that they’d have longer life spans, better moods, less chance for osteoporosis, cancer, migraines, problems with menopause and period related pain, better sleep, and better sex?
Some of them would still say no. [email protected]!!
This is the problem. Weight is just a number. Are you telling me that your weight is more important than the quality of your life?
Think about that. Because everytime you make a choice to lose weight quickly, without thinking about the long term affects, you’re choosing a number over your own life.
Let that sink in for a minute.
If you want to lose weight, the first solution is to be honest with yourself. What do you really want? If you can honestly answer this, then I can help you lose the weight for good.
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