Why is a doctor of acupuncture doing mindset coaching and hypnotherapy?

Apr 26, 2021
Why is a doctor of acupuncture doing mindset coaching and hypnotherapy?
Let me tell you a story, and you’re going to want to understand why this is so important for you... As I was practicing as an acupuncturist, I could see over and over that patients weren’t getting the results that I not only expected and wanted for them.
Acupuncture works.
When I was galloping racehorses back in MD, I injured my shoulder and my boss sent me to his acupuncturist. I was surprised that he went to one, but I figured, if Billy uses it, maybe it works. He’s not someone to just waste money on the latest and greatest trend, and back then acupuncture wasn’t as widely known as it is now. Long story short, years later as I was sitting in a med school interview thinking, “this isn’t what I want to do”. I thought about it and realized that when I got injured I went to the acupuncturist. Not because I had a belief about it, but because it consistently worked.
Back at that point in my life I was not very aware of my thinking and thoughts, I was still blindly living my life.
So years later when I was the acupuncturist treating patients, I knew that the reason that they weren’t healing was because they didn’t change. They didn’t change their patterns of behavior and they kept doing the same wrong things to their bodies and expecting miracles from acupuncture. It was working, but of course the pain would come back, because they weren't able to change their habits that created the pain and illness in the first place.
We don’t just get sick, we ignore the signs and symptoms telling us that things are out of balance. Sickness is a state of breakdown. You’ve gone too far. You should have stopped sooner.
>>The bottom line is that we create the lives we live, including the body we live in. <<
How do we do that? Our thinking.
>>Our thinking leads to behaviors, and behaviors become habits. Bad habits lead to illness and dysfunction<<
When you’ve been living your life, looking through a dirty lens, you don’t even know it until someone cleans your lenses for you.
>>Only then can you really see what’s going on and what’s clear<<

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